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Who we are

Make a Difference. Act with Integrity. Love what you Do.

As an award winning Practice, Picton Family Medical Centre have been proudly “making a difference” to the Wollondilly and Macarthur community since 2006. When founder, Dr Anna Pham first opened Picton Family Medical Centre, she was the first female GP to be working in the Wollondilly Shire.

Since then, Picton Family Medical Centre’s positive impact on the community continues. Daring to venture where others will not. We are a general practice at heart, but we deliver much more than what is expected of a traditional family practice. We are acknowledged as being pioneers in our profession.


Notable mentions include the role the practice played during the Covid-19 Pandemic. With federal funding, Picton Respiratory Clinic was opened, alongside our general practice, and became “The Centre” for Covid-19 assessment, treatment, and vaccination. We took the word “pivot” very seriously. Not only did the Practice turn to telehealth consultations, in-car assessments wearing PPE, 1.5m social distancing, we also completely changed the layout of our practice to make it Covid-safe, and vaccinated over 30 000 people. The team at Picton Respiratory Clinic and Dr Anna Pham won Leadership awards for their work in the fight against Covid-19 from 2020-2022.


The Practice is also first in the Wollondilly shire to offer IUD insertion, Botox treatment for migraine and TMJ dysfunction, skin cancer excisions using minimal scarring techniques, and cosmetic injectables. Iron infusions, IV fluids and IV antibiotics are also a common request at our Centre as patients avoid long waiting lists at the local hospitals.


Always dynamic, innovative and ever evolving, the Practice was lovingly and extensively refurbished in early 2023, to mark the beginning of life post Covid. It is a place of beauty, calm and tranquility for patients, and a place of pride and joy for those who work within it.


We consider our workplace to be our “Work Home” and everyone we work with to be our “Work Family.”


We invite you to be a part of our “medical home.”


Our values

In any initiative that we embrace, it must demonstrate that it will “make a difference,” and will improve the quality of our patients lives.

Integrity underpins our intent and actions, and this is demonstrated through our commitment to teamwork, collaboration, coordination and continuity of care of our patients. 


We all love what we do. We all enjoy coming to work and doing our very best to deliver clinical and administrative excellence to each and every one of you.


We welcome everyone

Our practice welcomes patients of all ages, ethnicity and culture.


Languages spoken by the Doctors include English, Vietnamese, Arabic, Bengali.

We welcome the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community.


We welcome the LGBTQIA+ community.


Our aim is to fill any gaps in services required by the community and to remove any barriers that may limit access to our health services by having mixed billing and exclusively bulk-billing Doctors available.


We welcome and appreciate all feedback and suggestions for improvement.

We are a teaching practice

We are fully accredited as a General Practice and a highly sought after training practice, training students and GP Registrars, the future of our profession. Our core purpose is to help practitioners help patients. 

All of the Doctors at Picton Family Medical Centre are fully qualified ‘Fellows’ holding a specialist qualification with either the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (FRACGP) or the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine (FACRRM) or both.

 This involves an additional 3-4 years of full-time study and 3 exams on top of an undergraduate university medical degree.

At Picton Family Medical Centre, this is our minimum GP-specialist standard.

We embrace teaching because we believe that it is a way to control quality of general practice in the Wollondilly area and provide sustainability of “excellent healthcare” in the region for the future.


Several GPs in the region were once GP Registrars at our practice and have decided to stay or return to work in Wollondilly, having fallen in love with the community.

Dr Anna Pham

Our founder

Dr Anna first arrived in Australia in 1983 at the age of 7. She is from a working-class family. As a toddler in Vietnam, she was raised by her widowed grandmother and aunties, and although financially poor, the family was rich in its love and support for one another. She came to Australia on refugee status, English was a second language to learn from scratch, a language which she embraced and won awards for during her high school years.

She is the first in her family to enter and complete university studies.


Her upbringing has taught her resilience, the value of hard work, family, education, future planning, and most importantly, gratitude.

She chose medicine as a career choice for 2 reasons. Dr Anna wanted to give back to the community, to show gratitude through serving others. Secondly, she is a "people advocate". She believes in standing up for those who cannot stand up for themselves. If she did not study medicine, Dr Anna would have studied law.

Outside of medicine, Dr Anna and Picton Family Medical Centre is active in charitable work. She provides funding for outreach medical clinics in East Pokot, Kenya. She is a financial sponsor for medical students from Western Sydney Uni (WSU) who are identified as being from financially disadvantaged background. She is also donor for the Top GP Assessment and Top Aboriginal Project Awards to final year medical students from WSU.


She co-hosts an investing podcast for Doctors in Australia, educating Doctors in all things “non-medical.”

Dr Anna also speaks Vietnamese.


2023 - PFMC - Best in Healthcare Industry Finalist

2022 - PFMC - Best Business Finalist

2022 - Picton Respiratory Clinic - Telstra Business of the Year 

2022 - Dr Anna Pham - Local (Wollondilly) Woman of the Year (Federal Government Award) - Winner

2021 -  Dr Anna Pham - Inspiring and Outstanding Leader Award - Winner

2021 -  Dr Anna Pham - Wollondilly Woman of the Year - Winner

2021 -  Picton Family Medical Centre-  Camden Rotary Healthcare of the Year - Winner

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